ERG What We Do

We do Drop-In Replacements – Our SmartForce DR Series of drop-in replacement LED driver modules are footprint-compatible with existing CCFL inverters. They have been designed in the same form factor as DC-AC inverters already in the field allowing for a fast, easy upgrade from CCFL to LED backlighting for LCDs without re-designing or re-tooling the mounting hardware. These LED drivers are pin-for-pin compatible with the inverters they are designed to replace, have the same length and width dimensions, and identical mounting holes.


We do LED Drivers - Our Smart Force LED Drivers offers 8 unique families, each presenting their own power capabilities and features ranging from onboard/external dimming, flex connector compatibility, auto adjusting string voltage, to 5Volt/12Volt input voltage, and up to 8 discrete strings. All of our LED Driver families offer high efficiency, and multiple string configurations tailored to leading display manufacturers specifications.


We Do Inverters – We do CCFL inverters, offering a wide range of open frame inverters off-the-shelf, from the single-lamp 8m inverter and its many variations (including the popular 8mF, which can power up to 6 lamps) to "Plug & Play" solutions like the P44W and P44WD (with encapsulated transformer) for wide operating temperatures. And ERG offers the unique vacuum encapsulated CCFL inverter for high-reliability applications in an array of types and sizes, from the popular single-lamp E200II to the 10-lamp R Series.

We do EL Inverters. Our Smart Force™ family of power supplies provides a wide range of solutions for electroluminescent (EL) backlit displays.

We Match the Right Inverter/Driver to Your Backlit Display – ERG carries the most extensive product line of DC-AC inverters for backlit LCDs in the industry. Why? Because when you source your inverter from ERG, you can be sure it will match your display, spec for spec

We Know Displays – With over 30 years of experience in powering up backlit displays, ERG offers unparalleled expertise in getting you up-and-running with the inverter that matches your display.

We Understand Your Application – No one provides the customer support you get from ERG. If you have a problem, we’re the solution. At ERG, you’ll find there is actually someone here to talk to who knows what they’re talking about.

We Get It to You Fast – ERG offers delivery times of 5 to 7 weeks, the best in the industry.

Quality – ERG will supply to its customers high quality products and services on time delivery dates and customer support. Our partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees make our products and systems containing our products the finest in the world.