Technical Notes

New! Choosing the Right Topology for LED Driver Design: This white paper from ERG Design Engineer, Mike Keene, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several different LED driver topologies currently used in the Backlight LCD industry.

NEW: The ERG SFW Inverter Series: This new white paper from ERG’s Engineering Team explains the development, testing and increased efficiency of ERG’s new Smart Force™ series of CCFL inverters.

LPS Package

The ERG Smart Force Inverter Application Note is a useful guide in understanding the relationships between Smart Force Inverters and EL Lamps. This application note covers the general areas of brightness control, useful life, switching and application matching.

Design Issues in the Selection of Backlight Inverters is a useful guide in the basic understanding, testing and measuring CCF Dc to Ac inverters. This application brief provides a simplified circuit diagram and useful test circuit for measuring inverter output current.