ERG is pleased to announce a new line of LED drivers, rails, arrays, and harnesses designed specifically for LCDs in the 19"-27" diagonal range.  As with all ERG products, the Large Display Solution products are made in the USA, come with lifetime engineering support, and a leadtime of 5-7 weeks.

LED Drivers

The LED Large Display Solution drivers offer onboard & external PWM dimming ratio of 255:1 and are compatible with most OEM LED-backlit panels. They provide wide range dimming, input voltage (12V), full brightness and enable control, open/short circuit protection, over voltage protection, and an adaptive string voltage.

Driver Series String
Current (Max)
String Voltage (Max) Power
Number of Strings Dimensions
(L x W x H) mm
SFDQ 140mA 70V 30W 4 126.8 x 34.3 x 12
SFDZ 180mA 50V 40W 8 127.0 x 34.3 x 12
SFDT 60mA 45V 20W 12 100.6 x 38.1 x 12

Rails & Arrays

It's EASY to replace CCFL tubes with ERG's LED rails or arrays! Check out our "How-To" video.
Click here to check out our complete LED Rail Cross Reference.

ERG also designs and produces LED arrays in any size from 12" wide to 28" long...perfect for large displays or signage. Whether it's LED rails for backlighting a display or LED arrays for signage, ERG's cost-effective solutions are available in less than 8 weeks! 


ERG also offers the harnesses necessary to connect the LED backlight driver to the OEM display. Go to our Cross Reference Search to find the right harness for your display.