Integrate an LED Display into your existing design with one simple swap!  


This new ERG product is an easy and cost-effective way to provide interconnectivity from your controller or power supply to the LCD backlight driver.

    • Plug and Play Operation
    • DC/DC Conversion
    • PWM Generation

Watch our brief demonstration video to see just how easy
it is to connect Smart Bridge to your LCD!

Smart Bridge Series

Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Dimming
SBD4212F 12V 12V 0-5V
SBDC4227F 5V 12V None
SBDCD4213F 5V 12V 0-5V
SBDC14219F 24V 12V None
SBDC1D4219F 24V 12V 0-5V
SBD4229F 12V 12V 9-12V

Smart Bridge Drop-In Replacements

Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Dimming Foot Print
DR-SBDC14219F 24V 12V None L Series
DR-SBD4229F 12V 12V 9-12V 8MAD Series
DR-SBDC4193F 5V 12V None 8MT Series

Smart Bridge Nomenclature

All Smart Bridge products are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA. They are RoHS Compliant and come with a one-year warranty. Custom footprints are available.

The ERG Sales Team will direct you to the Smart Bridge solution that works best for your design. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.