Smart Force™ LED Rails

SC RefNew Solution for Superior Heat
Management of LED BLUs!

ERG offers Smart Force™ LED Rails for use with our LED driver boards. These are special rails  that utilize a proprietary new ERG design to provide thermal management superior to any other teRailschnology on the market.  The thermal management technology utilized inside the rails addresses the major challenge for LED BLUs: keeping the LEDs cool. It is a technologically more efficient way to conduct heat from the LEDs that keeps the junction temperature at or below the recommended operating temperature, which is critical to preventing overheating and ensuring cool, high-brightness, long-life operation of the LED BLU.

Here, ERG has put the LEDs on a long, narrow PC board that fits into a metal channel or “rail” that is similar to the channel into which CCFLs are commonly fitted. ERG offers Smart Force™ LED rails as a drop-in replacement for CCFL rails for a number of OEM LCDs. This provides the often simpler and less costly option of replacing the lamps and power source in an existing LCD rather than re-designing the whole system. It’s fast and easy to do.

See how easy it is to replace your CCFL rail with a Smart Force™ LED Rail:
Link to video

ERG's new Smart Force™ LED Rails are available separately or as
kits that include Smart Force™ Driver Boards and LED Rails

Smart Force™ LED Driver Boards

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