The new DR Series provides LED driver package configurations that are footprint-compatible to their existing CCFL inverter designs.  This new series of LED driver boards is designed in the same form factor as DC-AC inverters already in the field.  These drop-in replacements allow for a fast, easy upgrade to LED lighting without re-designing or re-tooling the mounting hardware. The LED drivers are pin-for-pin compatible with the inverters and have the same length and width dimensions as their counterparts as well as matching input connects and mounting holes. And, like the inverters they have been designed to replace, all ERG LED drivers are designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA.

The same way every customer's CCFL inverter is different, every Drop-In Replacement LED Driver is going to be different as well. Please contact your Sales Representative to find out about the DR-Series part that's right for your application.

Check out some of our DR-Series below or Click Here for our Product Annoucement Sheet.


Replaces existing 8M Series CCFL Inverters

Replaces existing 8MAD Series CCFL Inverters
Replaces existing DMC Series CCFL Inverters
Replaces existing DMD Series CCFL Inverters
Replaces existing K Series CCFL Inverters
Replaces existing LD Series CCFL Inverters
Replaces existing DMAD Series CCFL Inverters

For More Information on Smart Force™ CCFL to LED Drop In Replacements:
Call ERG at 800-215-5866 or 607-754-9187 or E-mail us at or fill out the info request form.