DC-AC Inverters for CCFL-backlit LCDs


No one offers a more comprehensive range of inverters for powering CCFL-backlit LCDs than ERG. At ERG, we understand how CCFL-backlit inverters work. We offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of integration to designers of CCFL-backlit LCDs. Click on any of the pictures to find out more.

Only ERG offers you:

• the most extensive range of CCFL inverters in the industry
• inverters for all major LCD manufacturers' designs
• compatibility among different models as your designs change
• wide range of open-frame inverters for powering one lamp
• 7 unique vacuum-encapsulated inverters for maximum reliability
• output power from 3 watts to 80 watts
• wide operating temperature range
• superior engineering assistance and customer support
• short lead times (5-7 weeks A.R.O.)
• largest selection of custom inverter solutions